Astronaut's Handbook

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太空人在太空有甚麼工作呢? 他們在太空的生活是怎樣呢?


A funny and fascinating how-to guide for budding astronauts, providing a crash course on what it takes to travel into space. Answers all the big questions about space travel, from “How do rockets work?” and “What do astronauts do all day?” to “How do you go to the toilet on a spaceship?” Explores the technology that astronauts use, from space suits to Soyuz spacecraft, and scientific experiments on the International Space Station, and includes internet links to recommended websites to find out more. With a personal message by the British European Space Agency astronaut, Tim Peake, who spent six months on the International Space Station in 2016, and exclusive insights from the UK Space Agency and ESA who have provided expert advice on this book. 

Paperback / For Ages: 8-12 / 128 pages