Curious George Level 2 Collection (3 Books)

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Curious George可以說是世界上最出名的淘氣小猴子,由Margret Rey和她的丈夫H. A. Rey所創造出來的主角近年來不僅改編成卡通動畫在電視頻道上演,更推出Curious George動畫電影。

這套《Curious George Level 2 Collection》是銜接 Level 1 系列 《Reading Fun with Curious George Boxed set》橋樑書,讓小朋友一同跟著Curious George進入自行閱讀階段。

Curious George系列特別之處是因為主角Curious George性格頑皮又充滿好奇心,因此小朋友讀起來非常有共鳴!另外,除了趣味性的故事,內容益智,小朋友能從故事中增加日常生活中的認知,例如怎樣做好計劃、環保及閱讀地圖等。

一套3 本包括:

  1. Builds a Tree House
  2. Trash into Treasure
  3. Subway Train Adventure


Builds a Tree House》

George is tired of following the house rules--he wants a place of his own where he can draw on the walls and eat corn on the cob with his feet! He decides to build a tree house in the yard, but quickly learns that creating a house from scratch just might take more than a pile of plywood and a handful of nails. What he needs is a design plan to make it work. It also includes bonus activities to help build on the construction theme with a matching materials game and a make-your-own sponge blocks craft. 


《Trash into Treasure》

George is part of a team challenge to help clean up the city on Pretty City Day. But when he finds hidden and forgotten treasures along the way, he realizes he's collecting more treasures than he is trash! If he wants to help his team win the challenge, he'll need to sort out his growing stash of treasures and see which ones he really wants to keep. But how? 


《Subway Train Adventure》

George can’t believe his luck when he gets to visit the zoo and ride there on the subway! George is so excited to take the underground train for the first time that he jumps right on, leaving the man with the yellow hat behind in the terminal! Can George maneuver the speedy subway in order to find his friend—and get to the zoo? This subway adventure teaches the basics of reading a map, understanding different directions of travel, and problem-solving, and also includes bonus activities to help reinforce those concepts. 

Paperback / For Ages: 4-7 / 24 pages for each book