Ella Diaries: Going Green

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想引起小朋友寫日記的樂趣?想讓小朋友看看怎樣寫日記?讓他看看Ella Diaries 便懂了!

Ella Diaries 是一個剛升上Grade 5 的小女孩的日記,內容文字簡潔易明,故事節奏明快,讀小朋友輕鬆易讀。日記內主要記錄主角Ella 的學校及家庭生活,以第一身寫出內心感受,小朋友容易產生共鳴。


小朋友看過Ella 這本日記後,必定能想擁有一本自己的日記,像Ella一樣記載住滿滿的祕密吧!

Ella's school is going green! And there's going to be an ELECTION to choose a Planet Protector CAPTAIN. Being Captain is Ella's dream: she'll be in charge of all the cool projects AND get to wear a sparkly uniform! But sneaky Peach Parker wants to be Captain too, and will stop at nothing to GET MORE VOTES. Will Ella get the TOP JOB, or will Peach rule the school once again?

Paperback / For Ages: 6-12 / 143 pages