Emmie & Friends: Truly Tyler

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踏入初中生活,小朋友開始進入人生另一個新的階段,對於友儕及異性間的問題可能會感到疑惑,但又不好意思找別人傾訴……Emmie & Friends系列的故事,以第一身的角度寫出心裡的想法及掙扎,不但讓小讀者讀起來有共鳴,更是小讀者抒發感情的出口呢!

故事講述Tyler因為學校作業,開始接觸畫畫和學習創作,和常常塗塗寫寫的Emmie切磋討論,而互有好感。Tyler 有一幫打球的好友,不太能接受Tyler新的異性好友。Tyler不解,為什麼喜歡畫畫就不能打球?這兩件事一點都不衝突啊!

A story about being your truest self--and trusting your truest friends--from bestselling author Terri Libenson. Perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Shannon Hale.

Ever since Tyler started getting into art and hanging out with Emmie, his friends and teammates have been giving him a hard time. He wonders why can't he nerd out on drawing and play ball?

Emmie is psyched that she gets to work on a comics project with her crush, Tyler. But she gets the feeling that his friends don't think she's cool enough. Maybe it's time for a total reinvention. . . .

Paperback / For Ages: 10-14 / 374 pages