English Adventures Set (For K1-3 Students in HK)

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新加坡出版的English Adventures系列,讓小朋友透過全彩色的主題故事享受學習英文的樂趣!

每書包括12 個主題故事,每個故事都將相應程度的詞彙重覆出現在故事當中。本書最大特色是在每一個故事後會有相應的練習,鞏固故事中出現的詞彙及文法等,以及一些思考性的問題,讓小朋友學習理解故事中的內容。

一套三本包括 English Adventures Nursery、K1、 K2 ,請留意:

新加坡Nursery = 香港 K1

新加坡 K1 = 香港 K2

新加坡 K2 = 香港 K3

English Adventures series introduces learning concepts through relatable stories and vivid illustrations to capture the interest of preschoolers. Fun activities are included after every story to reinforce concepts taught and encourage active learning.

English Adventures! Series helps children to:

  • Develops social and emotional skills
  • Introduces words through repetition and fun activities
  • Enhances reading and comprehension skills

Paperback / For Ages: 3-6 / ~101 pages for each book