English Language Study Guide Phrases 3

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本書包含40篇作文題目,有的以四格圖畫作題目,引導小朋友從觀察圖畫中的人物和表情動作寫出故事經過,並自由創作故事的結局; 有的只提供一幅圖畫,故事背景多元,讓小朋友發揮創意,嘗試寫不同類型的故事。

每篇題目下附有相關的詞匯,可讓小朋友自由選用; 接著有一篇精采的範文,更把範文中有用的生詞或句子加以解釋,讓小朋友可從中吸收,學習怎樣將一個平凡的故事變得更精采!

The simplest of pictorial writing is the story based on a single picture, where the child is free to think and write about anything that is related to the picture.

This book helps the  child to write - from simple stories with more commonly used words to stories that require a little more of your imagination and the introduction of a few more challenging words.

It also helps the child to tell a story based on a given scenario - it provides the child with new words and phrases to add to this improving vocabulary, and teaches him to play with words, so that common words can be turned into interesting phrases.

Paperback / For Ages: 8-10 / 312 pages