Hotdog! #2

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《Hotdog!》系列是以一隻身長腳短的wiener dog為主角,跟他的兩位好朋友Lizzie和Kev完成不同的任務,期間弄出一連串的笑話。書中內容輕鬆幽默,插圖表情誇張,圖文比例適中,非常適合剛開始自行閱讀的小朋友。

Meet Hotdog, the wiener dog, and his friends! In this colourful illustrated chapter book series, Anh Do introduces us to a small hero with a big heart.

It's Kev's birthday, so Hotdog and Lizzie are throwing him a surprise party! There'll be cake, games, and magic tricks! But will a rude rooster and a cranky donkey ruin the day?

Paperback / For Ages: 6-8 / 123 pages