Hound Heroes #1: Beware the Claw!

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<Hound Heroes>是2021年Scholastic 最新出版的全彩色漫畫系列,內容輕鬆惹笑,非常適合6-10歳的小朋友自行閱讀。


Meet the Hound Heroes: fearless Captain Chihuahua, the big-hearted Great, Great Dane, super-speedy Poodle Girl, cyborg pup Power Pug, and the loveable yet irritating Super Sheep Dog. Together they make up earth's furriest heroes!

In this first adventure, the Hound Heroes' origin story is revealed when a spaceship crashes in their backyard, giving them super powers! But they aren't the only ones who benefit — neighborhood alleycat The Claw also gains powers, and she only wants one thing: to destory the Hound Heroes!

A nonstop romp full of hilarious action, Hound Heroes is sure to be a hit with young fans of graphic novels.

Paperback / For Ages: 6-10 / 126 pages