I Love You Because You're You (A StoryPlay Book)

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為人父母,有誰未試過大聲喝罵子女呢? 但每當靜下來的時候,就會後悔這些指罵會傷害小孩的弱小心靈;如果大人控制情緒不好,經常重覆説出傷害性的說話,孩子內心便會以為父母不愛或不想再理會他們了。因此,家長除了經常提醒自己要多鼓勵、少指罵外,我也會說故事時間說一些"我很愛她"的故事,讓她知道縱使媽媽有失望和生氣的時候,但媽媽不會停止愛她的。這本書正好就是讓你透過故事對你的子女說我是多麼愛你…


爸爸媽媽可以跟孩子一起朗讀狐狸母子的故事。然後學著用I love you when you are......,在句子後頭一起加上任何你們正在做的事情。


In a poem about a Mama Fox's unconditional love for her cub, this story describes the many moods of all children-from happy to frightened, bashful to silly, and more-and will reassure them of their parents' abiding affection and approval. Truly remarkable watercolor illustrations from David McPhail, sensitively wrought and never saccharine, are the perfect complement to Liza Baker's rhythmic, rhyming text. This book has quickly become a family favorite-and an enduring classic of the genre.

Describes, in rhyming text and illustrations, a mother's love for her child no matter how he feels or what he does.