Learning English K2 (for K3 students in HK)

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Learning English K2 promotes meaningful learning of the English language through vocabulary building, acquisition of basic grammar knowledge, reading and writing.

Why is this book useful to preschool children?

Building Vocabulary Through Pictures, Sentences and Word Games
Vivid and interesting pictures accompanying the text allow children to learn and recognise words effectively. Simple sentences are introduced with ample practice exercises to enforce correct usage in complete sentences. Word games are also included to challenge a child in the creative application of the language.

Enhancing Writing Skills Through Sentence and Paragraph Writing Activities
The guided sentence formation exercises help to develop creative writing skills.

Acquiring Basic Grammar Concepts Through Drills
Drills on essential English grammar reinforce correct language structure and use systematically and effectively.

Learning Objectives
The key objectives and focus of the activities are provided at the bottom of the pages as a guide for parents and teachers.

Paperback / For Ages: 5-6 / 94 pages