Learning Maths K1 (for K2 students in HK)

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Learning Maths K1 advances the learning of Mathematics by introducing addition and subtraction of numbers as well as the concepts of length and mass through common real life objects to promote an awareness and understanding of our environment.

Why is this book useful to preschool children?

Application of Numeracy Knowledge
Exercises on adding, subtracting, comparing and ordering of numbers from 1 to 20 allow children to recall and apply what they have learned in Nursery.

Data Analysis
Vivid and interesting pictures are used to engage the children to read, construct and interpret bar graphs more effectively.

Developing Self-awareness
The real world context used in the practice exercises help children to develop an awareness of Maths in daily life so that learning becomes relevant, interesting and practical.

Teaching Points
The key objectives and focus of the activities are provided at the bottom of the pages as a guide for parents and teachers.

    Paperback / For Ages: 4-5 / 100 pages