My Book of Sentences: Sentence Formation and Story Formation

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小朋友能自行寫作故事前,首先是要讓他們明白基本的句子結構及文法運用。此練習特別設計了不同的練習: 從基本文法開始,包括組成句子的名詞、動詞、形容詞及副詞等,學習句子結構後便開始學習故事的排序及看圖後將句子變為故事,最後以圖畫及引導性的問題,讓小朋友可自己創作故事,完成一篇自己創作的文章。

The Book of Sentences: Sentence Formation and Story Formation is specially written for children from ages 5 to 6. It guides the child on how to write sentences so that he/she can progress to write stories.

The Sentence Formation section focuses on basic sentence structure and word order. The Story Formation section focuses on sentence order and story writing. Exercises are planned to develop the child’s competency progressively. Simplified notes on grammar and writing are provided to introduce new concepts to the child in a fun and interactive way.

Paperback / For Ages: 5-6 / 152 pages