My Little Pony: Ponies Unite

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My Little Pony 一向都受小朋友歡迎,皆因不同性格的Pony,就像生活中不同性格的朋友,有的害差、有的自私、有的善良⋯ 小朋友會很有共鳴。

這套全新系列,故事是來自My Little Pony 2021年最新電影!

電影講述「小馬利亞王國」失去了魔法,陸馬(Earth Ponies)、獨角獸(Unicorns)、飛馬(Pegasi)之間的友誼與和諧逐漸消失,他們不能再和平共處,唯有充滿活力和滿懷理想的年輕陸馬晴晴(Sunny)仍然相信這個充斥著懷疑與猜忌的世界還有希望。她與迷路闖入陸馬小鎮的熱心獨角獸幻斯(Izzy)結伴為友,並遇上勇敢的飛馬比比公主(Pipp)、閃閃(Zipp)及可靠的陸馬克勤(Hitch)。為了使「小馬利亞王國」回復原狀,五位好朋友一同展開連場翻天覆地的大冒險,為實現夢想已久的世界而努力。


This all-new early reader is based on the My Little Pony movie—available to stream on Netflix September 24, 2021!

Meet the new leader of the pony group, Sunny, and her adorable pony friends. This early reader is a level 2 I Can Read, which means it’s geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

In the new movie, the pony world of Equestria has lost its magic. Friendship and harmony have been replaced by mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species. Sunny—a feisty and idealistic young Earth Pony—is convinced there’s still hope for this divided world.

When Sunny befriends a lost Unicorn named Izzy, they embark on an epic adventure that will include a daring jewel heist, outrageous conspiracy theories, elaborate musical numbers, and the world’s cutest flying Pomeranian. The world Sunny has dreamed of her entire life could finally become a reality as Sunny and her newfound friends fight to prove that even little ponies can make a big difference!

 Paperback / For Ages: 3-5 / 32 pages