My Little Pony: Welcome to Ponyville

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My Little Pony 一向都受小朋友歡迎,皆因不同性格的Pony,就像生活中不同性格的朋友,有的害差、有的自私、有的善良⋯ 小朋友會很有共鳴。


Based on the all-new animated series, this Level 1 I Can Read is perfect for sharing with the Pony Life fan in your life!

When Pinkie Pie decides to enter into the Royal Jelly Juggernaut competition, her friends try their best to make her baking a success. 

Pony Life is the all-new animated series following the Mane 6 ponies as the explore the funny side of friendship! Together, they run into all sorts of cupcake conundrums and magical mishaps. These ponies make everyday adventures real ridiculous. But Pony Life isn’t just a show, it’s a lifestyle. These ponies encourage everyone to #lovethatponylife !

 Paperback / For Ages: 3-5 / 32 pages