Pre-School Maths Jumbo Book

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一本由新加坡出版,由幼稚園用到初小的數學練習,循序漸進地由學習0-10、0-40到100; 由數數目、配對至加、減、乘、除的運算,還包括應用數學方面(金錢、重量、長度等)。全書共有283頁,以多元的題型來刺激思考,豐富的練習來鞏固數學概念; 還附設綜合題目的小測驗。

This Jumbo Book is designed exclusively for lower and upper kindergarten as well as for lower primary students. It is 
divided into two stages – basic maths and advanced maths. It includes wide range of fun and engaging activities. Answers are included for parents.

Paperback / For Ages: 3-6 / 283 pages