STEAM Explorers Magazine + Toy Package 1

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STEAM Explorers Magazine是新加坡出版的STEAM雜誌。小朋友自小閱讀STEAM相關的知識,能激發他們的對萬物好奇心,認識科學、懂得各項技術及工具、利用不同的材料創作及實驗、加上運用數學概念來尋找答案。



<STEAM Explorers Issue 1 (The Human Body)>的主題是認識人體各個系統,了解它們的結構及作用。透過書內的小實驗,讓小朋友讓知識活現在眼前。

另外,小朋友可利用套裝內的材料,親自動手做心臟及骨骼的模型,讓小朋友更能具體地了解血液在循環系統中運行及骨骼的結構。DIY材料內附有詳盡文字說明製作步驟,也可掃瞄QR code看影片跟著做呢!

STEAM Explorers Magazine + Toy Package 1 includes:

  1. STEAM Explorers Issue 1 (The Human Body)
  2. DIY Function of the Heart
  3. DIY New Human Body Model

STEAM Explorers is the magazine you have been looking for to nurture your child’s curiosity and set them on a path to future success! STEAM Explorers Magazines also aim to give young learners a head start in school and life. Cognitive and critical thinking skills take centre stage as they are introduced to engaging information interspersed with knowledge and topics which are already hovering within their curious minds. With a wide range of relatable topics, interactive experiments and fun facts, STEAM Explorers Magazines enhance children’s capabilities and takes learning to a whole new level!

<STEAM Explorers Issue 1 (The Human Body)>

You can explore each of the systems in the human body and demonstrate an understanding of their structures and functions with interactive experiments and fun facts.

<DIY Function of the Heart>

Through the experiment, you can examine the principle of the blood circulation by making simple pump with a rubber balloon. 

<DIY New Human Body Model>

Through making a human body model, you can learn about the structure of bone and its role.