The Giant Sight Word Workbook

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Sight Words 是指一些常用字, 而因為這些字通常出現在童書內,所以語言學家會鼓勵幼兒學習sight words,讓他們在進入閱讀故事時可易於理解內容。

此練習包含了300個sight words,幼兒可一邊練習書寫,一邊學習sight words;中間加插了趣味問題能幫助幼兒理解sight word的意思,還附有填色及迷宫等小遊戲,訓練小朋友的小肌肉呢!

Over 300 of the Most Common High-Frequency Sight Words to Help Beginners Learning to Read and Write!

This awesome activity book includes:

  • Sight word practice and recognition exercises
  • Fun Coloring and tracing activities 
  • Alphabet and lettering practice (A through Z, including both lowercase and uppercase)
  • Perforated pages for easy removal

Introduce your kids to the power of sight words!​ Sight words are high-frequency terms that children can memorize to improve reading comprehension and writing ability, and make up more than 50 to 80 percent of the words found in children's books and early readers. Kids can memorize these words to automatically register their meaning and avoid having to decode them each time they appear in text. This popular learning strategy will help your child to boost their skills and make them a speed reader in no time!

This book is perfect to give as a gift to young beginning readers or as a supplement for gaps in education caused by remote learning. The knowledge gained from this book is ideal for school kids in pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade, but will last a lifetime!

Paperback / For Ages: 3-6 / 168 pages