Trouble at Table 5 #5 Trouble to the Max

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主角Molly 對事物有一個堅持,如吃熱的食物要雙數、放襪子一定要摺平不能捲成一個球、不喜歡吃碎朱古力蛋糕因為數不到蛋糕上的朱古力有多少粒……

她有兩位非常了解她的好朋友,因為Molly 對事物的好奇及堅持,一起協助她找出問題的答案。


From the author of Stick Dog comes the first book in a highly illustrated early chapter book series about three best friends whose plans, missions, and schemes are sure to shake up their school. 

Time out! Simon got Max Brutus’s prized World Cup soccer ball stuck in the tallest tree in Picasso Park! Now he’s in more trouble than a tater tot in ketchup. Can his friends at Table 5 help him get the ball before the big game? Or has Simon’s luck maxed out?

HarperChapters build confident readers one chapter at a time! With short, fast-paced books, art on every page, and milestone markers at the end of every chapter, they're the perfect next step for fans of I Can Read!

Paperback / For Ages: 6-9/ 90 pages