Key Skills Wipe-clean Fractions Age 7-8

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 雖然分數的基本概念,例如蘋果的一半、蛋糕的一半等,小朋友都能理解, 但當分數的概念涉及不同整體的部分及一組物件的部分時,小朋友便不易掌握。 在學習分數之前是學習整數, 而整數與分數無論在概念及運算上均截然不同,這更令學生容易混淆。同時,分數對其後其他課題的學習,例如百分數、小數等,有極其密切的關連,若小朋友未能對分數的學習奠下良好的基礎, 肯定會影響他們對這些課題的學習及其知識的掌握。



Key Skills Wipe-clean Grammar and Punctuation Age 7-8

With the help of a team of friendly animals, the activities in this book will build confidence in understanding the concept of fractions and provide plenty of practice.  Concepts covered include writing fractions, adding fractions, equivalent fractions and ordering fractions. The durable, wipe-clean pages allow children to practise again and again. It includes secret notes for grown-ups, and all the answers are at the back of the book. Part of the Usborne Key Skills series that supports the maths children learn at school.

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Key Skills Wipe-clean Grammar and Punctuation Age 7-8


Paperback / For Ages: 7-8 / 24 pages