10 Minutes A Day:Phonics

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學習phonics 是英語學習的基礎,先由認識Beginning Sounds 開始,繼而是字中及字尾的發音,最終能拼出三個字母組成的字。


10 Minutes a Day: Phonics supports your child as they develop their first English skills in connecting sounds with their letters: identifying first-letter sounds in words, listening for middle- and end-letter sounds, writing the letters of the alphabet, making rhyming strings of words, and showing children how to connect letter sounds to make simple three-letter words.

Each exercise is simply and clearly introduced and uses a variety of interesting methods to help learning, from matching exercises to learning how to pronounce and spell out new sounds and words, based on themes that a young child can easily relate to, such as food, animals, and household objects. 

Answers are provided, along with parents' notes that explain what your child learns from the exercise.

Paperback / For Ages: 2-4 / 80 pages