100 Words for Kids to Read in Kindergarten Workbook

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本書由語言學家精選了幼兒階段需學習的100個常見字並分成6組,每組以6-7頁的趣味全彩練習,循序漸進地幫幼兒由開始認識Sight words 到懂得運用該組字,為將來閱讀及寫作建立基礎。

書後還設計了一個紙咭遊戲,以輕鬆有趣的方法鞏固學到的sight words。

Put children on the path to reading success with these fun, engaging activity books! Each book targets 100 key sight words. Divided into manageable groups, words are introduced and reinforced through inviting activities, puzzles, and games. The activities are carefully designed to touch on reading, writing, and usage-taking children beyond mere recognition of sight words to genuine mastery.

Paperback / For Ages: 3-5 / 64 pages