101 Must-Know Challenging Maths Word Problems Book 3

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<101 Must-Know Challenging Maths Word Problems>系列是由新加坡SAP出版的小學數學練習,精選了101道考試常見的文字題,以不同的課題分類,是試前作練習的好幫手。


101 Must-Know Challenging Maths Word Problems for Primary 3 presents word problems that test important concepts so students can learn to apply general mathematical problem-solving strategies and heuristics confidently.

This book comprises word problems often encountered by students in their tests and examinations. The questions are categorised into respective topics in accordance with the topics in the Singapore mathematics syllabus.

Detailed step-by-step workings are included in the answer key for every question to show how a problem is solved. Diagrams and mathematical models are provided in most solutions to aid students in understanding the problem-solving processes.

This set of comprehensive word problems will allow students to develop and hone creative and crtical thinking skills. Students will find this book useful as a resource for good maths questions and a reference for problem-solving methods.

Paperback / For Ages: 8-9 / 75 pages