Active Reading 1

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《Active Reading》系列主要藉著閱讀資料性文章,讓小朋友不但對世界各地的文化、社會議題、醫療健康、大自然生物等多一點認識,更能從書後的不同類型的題目,訓練理解文章的能力。

Active Reading contains high-interest reading texts with exercises to develop learners’ comprehension, thinking and discussion skills. They are designed to test students' ability to scan and pick out relevant information. 

Key Features:

  • 20 reading texts per book on a variety of topics (culture, health, lifestyle, sports...)
  • Definitions of unfamiliar words
  • Pre and post-reading exercises in a variety of formats (MCQs, comprehension, vocabulary and summary writing)
  • Answer key is provided

Paperback / For Ages: 7-9/ 88 pages