Amelia Bedelia Special Edition Holiday Chapter Book (2 Books)

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Amelia Bedelia系列是非常適合開始閱讀Chapter Books 的小朋友,故事簡單而充滿趣味,句子短而用字程度適中,讓小朋友易於掌握,增加閱讀Chapter Books 的信心。


Amelia Bedelia Wraps It Up

Amelia Bedelia Hops to It

This set of chapter books is an excellent choice for children who are ready to read independently, and is terrific for building vocabulary. Amelia Bedelia has been making readers laugh since 1963, when the first Amelia Bedelia book was published. Now, you can meet the young Amelia Bedelia. Come join the fun!

Includes 2 books: 

<Amelia Bedelia Wraps It Up>

It’s the holiday season, and Amelia Bedelia doesn’t have enough money to buy presents for anyone. But that won’t stop Amelia Bedelia! Along with her friends, she decides to launch a gift-wrapping business in order to make some extra cash. But wrapping presents with Amelia Bedelia is far from ordinary! And when the business expands to include tree decorating, popcorn popping, snow shoveling, and carol singing, you can bet that the misunderstandings are many!

<Amelia Bedelia Hops to It>

Spring has finally sprung! Amelia Bedelia loves the warm weather, the flowers in bloom, and all the new baby animals in her town. Best of all, Amelia Bedelia and her class will be hatching chicks in her science class. But when the incubator breaks and there’s no money to buy a new one, Amelia Bedelia and her friends come up with an eggceptional solution to raise money for a new incubator: a springtime fair!

Paperback / For Ages: 6-10 /  145 pages for each book