Babysitters Little Sister Graphic Novels #7: Karen's Haircut

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深受女孩子喜愛的《The Baby-sitters Club》出版了適合初小小朋友看的《Babysitters Little Sister Graphic Novels 》系列。主角Karen 是一個七歲的女孩子,因此小讀者讀起來非常有親切感!內容輕鬆幽默,全彩色漫畫對話,非常適合開始自行閱讀的初小小朋友。

Karen feels like an ugly duckling. She already has to wear glasses, and now her baby teeth are falling out, too. Fortunately, she knows exactly what will make her look glamorous -- a new haircut.

But the beauty parlor lady cuts Karen's hair all wrong! Karen is devastated and worried about what the kids at school will say. Can Karen get back to feeling like her usual confident self?

 Paperback / For Ages: 7-10 / 138 pages