Catwad #2: It's Me, Two

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《Catwad》系列是全彩色漫畫,書中主角Catwad 跟他的好朋友 Blurmp 的輕鬆幽默對話,一定令小朋友忍不住邊讀邊笑!


New York Times bestselling author Jim Benton's latest creation, Catwad, returns!

Catwad and Blurmp are back and ready for more adventures! In this newest collection of hilarious stories, the dynamic feline duo explore fine art, travel to an alternate reality where the world has become extraordinarily dumb, get into gaming, and more! From monsters under Blurmp's bed to all the reasons you should NEVER eat salad, this newest volume of Catwad has something for everyone!

Paperback / For Ages: 6-8 / 128pages