CatWad #5 High Five!

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《Catwad》系列是全彩色漫畫,書中主角Catwad 跟他的好朋友 Blurmp 的輕鬆幽默對話,一定令小朋友忍不住邊讀邊笑!


Catwad, Blurmp, Pigmichael, and more of Jim Benton's hilarious comic creations return in this roaringly funny fifth graphic novel!

In this poignant and emotionally wrenching tale, famous curmudgeon Catwad faces loss, fear, and struggles with his own mortality when his best friend Blurmp receives news of... wait, who are we kidding? This isn't a melodrama -- it's another laugh-out-loud Catwad from Jim Benton!

Catwad and Blurmp are back with more ridiculous fun that will have readers high-fiving each other with joy. This volume sees the big blue grump and his slow but lovable friend get a pet, try new hobbies, explore the newest videogame technology, and more! If you love laughing (and who doesn't??), this book is for you!

Paperback / For Ages: 6-8 / 128 pages