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Cloze Champion系列是由新加坡出版,特別設計給小學生作為加強Cloze passage的練習,為考試作準備。

全書有100個練習,主要分為三部份:  Vocabulary Cloze, Grammar Cloze 和 Comprehension Cloze。練習由淺入深,由供詞到不供詞填充,循序漸進地鞏固應對各類型Cloze Passage。

Cloze Champion is written to help students of Primary 1 to 6 tackle cloze passages. The 100 exercises are categorized into 3 different sections – Vocabulary Cloze, Grammar Cloze and Comprehension Cloze.

Sufficient practices would prepare a student adequately for the school examinations. 

Paperback / For Ages: 11-12 / 116 pages