Complete Smart Series Maths Primary 1 (New Edition)

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此書是由新加坡出版的英數練習,一本厚厚共有3百多頁。範圍廣泛包括:由10 以的內的數至百位數、圖形、長度、時間、金錢以及圖表的應用數學、還包括加、減、乘、除的運算及應用題。




This Primary 1 Mathematics is specially written to cater to the needs of primary 1 pupils. 

In each topic, a large variety of exercises are given to give students more practice as practice makes perfect. Questions range from simple fill in the blanks, matching, colouring to harder problem sums.

Challenging problems have also been included to challenge the students knowledge. Solutions with workings have been provided.

This enables both the students to understand better and the parents to coach their children. Four separate authors have taken their time and effort, coming up with questions, each with their own approach.

Therefore students can hope for a wide variety of questions, each with a different style.

A book with all these aspects is sure to be a good guide and we sincerely hope that students will take the exercises seriously and prepare themselves for their exams.

Paperback / For Ages: 6-7 / 351 pages