Complete Smart Series Maths Primary 3.

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The Primary 3 Mathematics is written specially to cater to the needs of primary 3 pupils. 

In each topic, there is a large variety of exercises to provide pupils with more practice. Each exercise consists of variety of sums including fill in the blanks and problem sums. Practice problems have been given included to test the pupil’s knowledge.

Detailed worked solutions are provided to enable pupils to understand better and also to assist parents to coach their children.

Four separate authors have put in their time and effort, to come up with questions, each with their own unique approach. Therefore, pupils can hope for a wide variety of questions, each with a different style.

There is no doubt that a book with all these qualities will be an excellent guide and we sincerely hope that pupils will take the exercises seriously to help them prepare for the examinations.

Paperback / For Ages: 8-9 / 321 pages