Conquer English Creative Writing For Primary Levels 4

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Conquer Creative Writing是新加坡SAP 出版的寫作練習,為不同程度學生提供有系統而漸進的作文寫作方法。


  • Vocabulary Building - 透過不同的練習建立詞彙,為作文打好基礎
  • Organising Information - 學習以分類或比較方式組織寫作內容
  • 附問題和詞彙的看圖作文 - 學習在寫作之前思考題目或理解主題。
  • 附有詞彙的看圖作文 - 按主題寫出自己的經歷或編寫一個有趣的故事。
  • Creative Writing - 提供一些特定的主題和問題,讓小朋友運用他們的想像力表達自己的想法。

Conquer Creative Writing for Primary Levels 4 invites students to stretch their imagination, enjoy the process of developing ideas and express themselves through creative writing.

  • Building the Basics
    Students will build their word bank from the activities in Vocabulary Building and learn to differentiate and organise ideas using methods of classification, comparison and contrast through the activities in Organising Information.
  • Focussed Writing Exercises
    The writing activities cover varied themes and text types through the sections Writing Task and Creative Writing, and introduce descriptive, narrative expositoryand imaginative composition and writing to aspiring young writers.
  • Developing Writing Skill Sets
    Through the sections Expanding Ideas, Thinking Task and Creative Response, students learn to form and elaborate ideas for writing and to incorporate personal and real-life experiences into their writing.
  • Suggested Answers
    These provide more writing ideas so children can learn to relate to other situations and analyse possible outcomes in order to think and write even more creatively.

Paperback / For Ages: 9-10 / 148 pages