Conquer English Creative Writing For Primary Levels 5

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Conquer Creative Writing是新加坡SAP 出版的寫作練習,為不同程度學生提供有系統而漸進的作文寫作方法。


  • 引領小朋友怎樣寫作故事的開端,如加插有趣的情節或用比喻等。
  • 以刺激思考的問題一步步帶領小朋友創作故事
  • 以圖畫指導小朋友怎樣觀察人及事物從而學會描寫技巧


Conquer Creative Writing Book 5 invites children to stretch their imagination, enjoy the processes of developing ideas and express themselves through creative writing.

  • Building the Foundation
    These include exercises on how to begin a story and write rich descriptions by organising ideas effectively, including interesting details and using similes and metaphors.
  • Focussed Writing Exercises
    Through Guided Continuous Writing Exercises, children learn to develop and expand their ideas creatively to write a story. Cloze passages, series of pictures and a picture with dialogue among the characters depicting a scenario allow children to imagine what their story will be like and create a logical sequence before writing.
  • Suggested Answers
    These provide alternative ideas so children can learn to relate to other situations and analyse possible outcomes in order to think and write even more creatively.

Paperback / For Ages: 10-11 / 103 pages