Conquer Science For Primary Levels 3/4

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Conquer Science 系列是由新加坡出版的小學科學練習,一本200多頁的練習內包含有100個練習,超過800道精心設計的問題,題型有選擇及開放式題目。

此練習包括有5大學習範疇: Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Energy and Interactions,更用思考圖將相關的知識整理並連貫起來,特別適合考試前温習。

Conquer Science For Primary Levels 3/4 is designed to help students consolidate the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in class and to apply them meaningfully when working through questions.

100 Exercises, over 800 questions

All examinable topics are covered through multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and openended questions (OE).

Flexible and Meaningful

The worksheets are arranged over the 5 main themes: Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Energy and Interactions. Each set of worksheets can be used independently, in any preferred sequence.

Thematic Mind Map

There are 5 mind maps for students to use! Each thematic map shows how its topics are linked and allows for better focus and efficiency in studying or revising the science lessons. 


Comprehensive answers are provided for easy self-assessment


Paperback / For Ages: 8-10 / 244 pages