Nat Enough #5: All is Nat Lost

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故事主角Natalie 是一個自卑的小女孩,今次是她第一次獨自離開父母去另一個城市,她的父母十分擔心,她卻十分期待,但在旅程中遇上接二連三的挑戰,首次的自由旅程會否讓她卻步?


Nat's class trip is a bigger adventure than she imagined.

Nat is on an overnight class trip to Philadelphia, which is her first time in a big city without her parents. And it's a big deal because Nat's mom and dad are finally giving her the independence she's been longing for. But the trip is off to a bad start -- with one disaster after another -- and if things keep up, Nat's on track to lose her newfound freedom for good!

Can she turn things around in time, or will her first chance with liberty be her last?

Paperback / For Ages: 8-12 / 240 pages