Curious George Math and Science Readers: 10-Book STEM Reading Program

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Curious George是全球暢銷童書,我們都希望孩子能和Curious George一樣,永遠對生活保持好奇心。而本書是以針對幼兒所設計的STEM主題讀本,主要是以數學與科學做為內容設計,全套共有10本不同主題的STEM讀本,包括:

What’s the Weather, Curious George?

Curious George and the Great Shape Hunt,

Curious George Grows a Garden

Happy, Healthy George

Curious George Sees Patterns

Curious George Can Go, Go, Go

Curious George Builds

Curious George Sees Ten Again and Again 

Curious George Likes Dinosaurs 

Curious George and the Science Fair

盒內還附上STEM學習卡,在家裡也可以陪小朋友玩STEM主題遊戲或活動,讓孩子不只看故事,也能在生活中感受到STEM的有趣;每本書後面都會列出在書中使用到的STEM主題單字,另外書頁內再細分出STEM主題單字、常用字sight words⋯⋯等,這些單字都會在故事中的重複使用,增加幼兒的印象。


Boxed set of 10 original Curious George stories to introduce young learners to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Also includes activity cards and a teaching guide for parents.

STEM topics are becoming more important to school and in our daily lives. Curious George Math and Science Readers use engaging and funny stories to help children observe, question, predict, and explore the world around. 

This boxed set includes ten fun stories and activity cards featuring Curious George designed to introduce young readers to science, technology, engineering, and math.

Boxed Set / For Ages 2-5