Dog Man #1

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作者Dav Pilkey在美國被喻為天才型的得獎漫畫家及繪本作家,擅長幽默搞笑筆觸和畫作,曾榮獲凱迪克,代表作另有《Captain Underpants》。

《Dog Man》系列是英雄狗超人打擊犯罪的痛快故事,故事緊張又爆笑,生活化但不按牌理出牌的幽默對白,小讀者一定從頭笑到尾,只要翻開,就捨不得停下來!

警犬Greg和牠的警察搭檔在一次執行任務時受了重傷,幸好手術讓奇蹟出現了,「狗超人」Dog Man 也就此誕生!Dog Man結合了Greg的頭及警察搭檔的身體,他能戰勝動物的野性,順利完成所有的任務嗎? 


Half dog. Half man. ALL hero cop. The crazy new series from bonkers genius Dav Pilkey. Quick – call 999! It’s so funny it’s criminal! Is he a man? Is he a dog? Nope: he’s both! When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, their only option is life-changing surgery. That’s how Dog Man is born! With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this crime-biting police hound has a real nose for justice. But will he answer the call of duty – or the call of the wild?

  • A laugh-out-loud sensation from funny hero Dav Pilkey
  • Bursting with jokes, cartoons, and tail-wagging antics
  • Over 70 million Captain Underpants books sold
  • Dav’s last three books were all no. 1 bestsellers
Paperback / For Ages: 6-12 / 240 pages