Early English Learning Pack (3 Books)

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小朋友學習英文先認識phonics,然後就繼而學習同一個word family 的生字及常見於故事中的Sight Words。這套色彩鮮艷內容有趣的練習本必能吸引小朋友在玩樂中循序漸進地鞏固學習過的知識,也為將來串字打下了基礎。



Make mastering beginning sounds, word families and sight words fun with these colorful workbooks!

Alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness are the basis of early reading success. Through the activities in this book, they will learn to identify letter­sound correspondences and begin to develop an ability to identify words.

Word families are one of the most effective vehicles for strengthening emergent literacy skills and for teaching spelling. 

Learning to read and recognize sight words with speed and accuracy is an important step on the path to reading success.