Emmie & Friends: Becoming Brianna

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書中以 Brianna 第一身說故事,抒發出內心的掙扎,配以幽默對話及全彩色的插圖,讓小讀者易於理解,增加閱讀的趣味。

 Middle school is full of challenges.

Everyone knows how much brainy Bri likes the spotlight (not). So why did she ever agree to something that forces her to learn a new language, give a speech, help organize a party, and juggle drama at school and home?! As the big event inches closer, Bri wonders if it’s all worth it. . . .

Told in alternating past and present chapters, Bri’s heartwarming story unfolds over the eight months leading up to her bat mitzvah—as well as over the course of the big day itself.

Paperback / For Ages: 10-14 / 320 pages