English for Everyone Junior: Beginner's Course

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全書分為24個單元,全彩色插圖能增加學習的興趣;小朋友可從每個單元學習相關詞彙,還可從聲音檔案聆聽正確發音; 接著可一邊聽,一邊做練習,令學習變得更有趣味而不沉悶。


本書內容更特別適合準備應考Cambridge (Pre-A1 Starters) and Trinity GESE (Grade 1) 的小朋友。

Learn English with this fun course for complete beginners. Simple exercises and lively audio will have you speaking and reading more than 500 words in no time!

Equally effective for home study or the classroom, this carefully levelled English-language course assumes no previous knowledge of English. It takes children through the basics of the language, helping them use and understand elementary English clearly and confidently.

The book is carefully aligned to the pre-A1 level of the internationally recognized CEFR framework, and covers all the material necessary to prepare for the Cambridge (Pre-A1 Starters) and Trinity GESE (Grade 1) exams. Vocabulary is taught through attractive illustrations, and reinforced with audio resources. Each language/grammar point is explained in a dedicated panel, accompanied by clear examples of how it's used, and reinforced by exercises. At the back, there is a handwriting guide, grammar overview, and a glossary of language terms used throughout the book.

Paperback / For Ages: 4-6 / 256 pages