The Eric Carle Ready-to-Read Collection (6 Books)

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《The Eric Carle Ready-to-Read Collection》收藏了《好餓的毛毛蟲》的作者Eric Carle的經典繪本之作,適合初閱讀的小朋友,循序漸進地閱讀由Prelevel 1 至Level 2的故事。

Eric Carle是一位兒童為本的作家,他獨特的繪畫風格,特別能吸引孩子的眼光;書中也傳達了許多認知性的概念與知識,以充滿趣味的方式來呈現,讓孩子喜歡書、親近書!



  1. Have You Seen My Cat?
  2. The Greedy Python
  3. Walter the Baker
  4. Rooster Is Off to See the World
  5. Pancakes, Pancakes!
  6. A House for Hermit Crab

Six favorites from Eric Carle are available in this Ready-to-Read boxed set!

This convenient Ready-to-Read carry-along boxed set of six beloved Eric Carle classics includes paperback editions of Have You Seen My Cat?The Greedy PythonPancakes, Pancakes!Rooster is Off to See the WorldA House for Hermit Crab; and Walter the Baker. Each story is filled with Eric Carle’s trademark collage-style illustrations that have made him one of America’s most beloved artists. Parents love Eric Carle as much as kids do, and these six books in a portable boxed set make a perfect gift!

Paperback / For Ages: 2-7