Fingerprint Activities

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小朋友喜愛繪畫,但不應只局限於用紙和筆。《Fingerprint Activities》可讓小朋友用接近自然的繪圖方式可用小手指頭創作出色彩繽紛的圖畫,還可發揮創意,用筆為指印畫加上動物表情呢!

A colourful book full of pictures to fingerprint and with its own ink pad of seven bright colours to paint with. Bursting with fun fingerprinting ideas, from decorating turtles’ shells and filling a vase with flowers to printing mice, a scary t-rex or a colourful caterpillar. With fingerprinting tips and extra pages for children to fill with their own fingerprint creations.


Spiral-bound hardback / For Ages: 4 or above / 64 pages