Nat Enough #2:Forget Me Nat

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故事主角Natalie 是一個自卑的小女孩,在第一集《Nat Enough》中,她慢慢認識了自已並開始建立了自信心。今集她因結識了一位男孩子而滿心歡喜,但當知道這位男孩只當她是好朋友時,Natalie 的心情立刻跌入谷㡳,她會怎樣面對呢?


For the first time in her life, Natalie feels confident. Her talents are being recognized, she has supportive friends, and she's spending a ton of time with her crush, Derek! But when Derek tells Natalie that he just wants to be friends, Natalie's self-confidence quickly changes to self-doubt. As she tries to recover from her broken heart, Natalie casts aside her talents and even her friends. With no one to turn to, Natalie will have to pull herself out of this mess on her own.

Paperback / For Ages: 8-12/ 240 pages