Four Eyes

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到了高小,有些男孩子身高較同齡女孩子矮小,加上初踏入青春期,朋友間開始出現身份認同的問題,就像《Four Eyes》的主角Rex一樣,他怎樣經歷這段苦樂參半的人生階段呢?

A humorous and heartwarming middle-grade graphic memoir about fitting in, facing bullies, and finding the right pair of glasses.

Sixth grade isn't as great as Rex thought it would be. He's the only kid who hasn't had a growth spurt, and the bullies won't let him forget it. His closest friend is unreliable, at best. And there's a cute girl in his class who he can't stop thinking about.

With so much going on, everything is a blur –including Rex's vision! So when he discovers that he needs glasses, and his family can only afford the ugliest pair in the store, any hope Rex had of fitting in goes completely out of focus.

In this true coming-of-age story, Rex has his sights set on surviving sixth grade, but now he's got to find a way to do it with glasses, no friends and a family that just doesn't get it!

A beautiful coming-of-age graphic memoir.

Includes heartwarming and funny arcs that perfectly portrays the highs and lows of school.


Paperback / For Ages: 8-12 / 220 pages