Geronimo Stilton: Graphic Novel #2: Slime for Dinner

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《Geronimo Stilton》 系列是世界暢銷兒童英文學習叢書!Scholastic更出版了小朋友至愛的漫畫版,全彩色插圖加上全新故事,最適合喜歡漫畫冒險故事的小朋友閱讀!

故事的主角Geronimo Stilton是隻喜歡乳酪的小老鼠,他居住在老鼠島、妙鼠城裡,經營著鎮上最大的報社《鼠民公報》的記者。在城裡發生著不同的奇怪事件,究竟  Geronimo 能否解決呢?


Geronimo recieves a mysterious package. It was a coffin! And it was gift-wrapped!

It was an invitation to a spine-tingling mystery dinner at Cacklefur Castle! Geronimo, Thea, and Trap find spiders, bats, and ... something slimy! Can Geronimo solve the mystery before he is frightened out of his fur?This is an all-new Geronimo Stilton series as interpreted by author, artist, and longtime fan Tom Angleberger, based on the story by Elisabetta Dami.Who is Geronimo Stilton? That's me! I run a newspaper, but my true passion is writing adventure stories.


Hardcover / For Ages: 6-10/ 208 pages