Hello, Ninja: Hello Stage Fright

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小朋友最愛看忍者故事,因為忍者既愛幫助人,又能靈活變通解決困難。I Can Read Level 2 的故事吸引,節奏明快,可讓小朋友開始嘗試自行閱讀,培養閱讀的樂趣。

今集講述忍者Wes 很害怕上台表演,怎料當出場時發現觀眾們變了石頭,怎麼辧呢?

Wes promised Georgie he’d play the drums at her dance recital, but now he’s too nervous. They pretend to be ninjas to help Wes find his courage, but when the audience is suddenly in danger, will they be able to save the day?

This early reader is a level 2 I Can Read, which means it’s geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

Paperback / For Ages: 5-7 / 32 pages for each book