Kate the Chemist - Dragons VS Unicorns

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小朋友對科學有興趣 ?

你想引起小朋友對科學的興趣 ?

一本以化學為主題的故事書,由一位化學教授親自編寫,讓高小學生在中學前以生動有趣的方式來認識化學知識,看看Kate the Chemist怎樣以她的科學知識來解決故事中的難題啦!

Science explosions! Theater! Mystery! Friendship! Fifth grader Kate the Chemist uses STEM knowledge to do incredible things!

Kate the Chemist is a ten-year-old science problem solver. There’s no problem Kate can’t fix! When her best friend, Birdie, is cast as the lead unicorn in their school’s musical Dragons vs. Unicorns, and Kate is chosen to be the assistant director, they agree this is going to be the best musical EVER! Kate is a natural assistant director; like all good scientists, she’s smart and organized, but she also comes up with great ideas. But when everything starts going wrong with the musical and Kate realizes someone is sabotaging the show, will her special science sleuthing skills help save the day–and the show?
Help young Kate the Chemist as she solves science problems in her community, starting with the school musical: Dragons vs. Unicorns!
From Kate the Chemist, chemistry professor and science entertainer as seen on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe Wendy Williams Show, and The Today Show, comes a clever and fun middle grade series that is the perfect introduction to STEM for young readers!

Hardcover / For Ages: 8-12/ 144 pages