Little Skill Seekers: Kindergarten Workbook

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一本集合幼兒在幼稚園階段所需學習知識的練習本,包括Phonics、Word Families、Sight Words、寫字練習及基本的數學概念,題目多元而有趣味,讓小朋友能從小遊戲中循序漸進地學習,為進入小學前作好準備啊!


Set your child on the path to success with this exciting workbook from Scholastic. This workbook targets key skills that will help your child reach important learning milestones. The 192 fun, colorful practice pages are designed to captivate, engage, and motivate your child. With everything from the phonics, word families, sight words, handwriting, and math skills this workbook is both challenging and fun. Help your child learn, practice, and sharpen key skills!

Paperback / For Ages: 4-6/ 192 pages