Look Inside Space

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  1. Blast Off! 衝出地球後會遇見甚麼?
  2. The Moon 月球有多大?太空人到月球做甚麼?
  3. Space station 太空站是怎樣的呢?
  4. Bright starlight 太陽和星星是怎樣形成?
  5. Glittering galaxies 宇宙有多少個銀河系呢?
  6. Star gazing 自古以來,人類用甚麼方法窺探太空呢?
  7. Space questions 更多關於太空的問題


此書更榮獲 Royal Society Young People's Book Prize,被認定為最佳科普書之一。

Why do stars shine? And how was the moon made? Children can blast off into space with this fantastic interactive flap book revealing the secrets of the Universe. Vibrant illustrations and simple explanations combined with over 70 flaps to lift. Each double page covers a different topic, including ‘Glittering galaxies’, ‘On the Moon’ and ‘Space Station’.

WINNER - The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2013

The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize celebrates the best science books designed for young readers. Announcing the shortlist, the judges said Look Inside Space was: “A fantastically interactive book for younger children. Full of flaps to lift (and flaps under flaps) that reveal amazing facts about space!”.

Hardback / For Ages: 4-8 / 14 pages