Mega Compositions P3

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Mega Compositions 系列是新加坡出版的寫作工具書,適合小一至小六學生加強寫作能力。

全書包含200篇範文,當中100篇有圖片幫助思考寫作內容,其後100 篇為命題文章。小朋友可每天閱讀數篇,加強構思寫作靈感,也從文章中學習好詞佳句及文法運用,一步步提昇寫作能力。

Mega Compositions covers a wide range of topics suitable for each primary level. It includes common and uncommon topics that may be tested in primary examinations.

Each level contains 200 original and interesting model compositions that students can use as guides for creative writing. Title-based compositions are included to encourage reading and unlock their imagination. The extensive collection of 200 stories reinforces the learning of grammar and vocabulary and provide ideas for writing. 

Paperback / For Ages: 8-9 / 281 pages