Miss Molly's School of Making Friends

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小朋友在不同的成長階段都面對著不同的挑戰,由最初跟父母分離進入校園,到學習不同技能和知識,幾乎每一天都在接受新事物。因此,能正面鼓勵小朋友踏出第一步,建立成長心態(growth mindset),肯定自己,對小朋友往後的人生尤其重要!

<Miss Molly's School of Making Friends>是<Miss Molly's School>系列最新出版的一本,書中透過樹熊Kerry 害怕交朋友的經歷,一起學習怎樣跟朋友打開話題和跟朋友相處。

The thought of making new friends turns Kerry Koala's tummy upside down. But luckily Miss Molly's treetop school is there to help. Here Kerry will learn how to start conversations, take turns and play fairly, and work through disagreements and apologise - as well as understand different kinds of friendship and how they can change and grow. A perfect way to start conversations with children about making friends, with humour, fun and a cast of lively animal characters.

 Hardback / For Ages: 3-8/ 32 pages